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Flying Panther Media
Home of author Casey Simpson and many fine artists to soon be added.Flying Panther is proud to present Casey's Fantasy/Sci Fi debut novel Thistle for your entertainment.


On the edge of a crumbling empire, a young orphan struggles desperately to escape a life of poverty and slavery. When she stows away aboard a galleon headed for the capitol of the world, Thistle is set on a collision course with the Royal House of Ran. Aided by a drunken sea captain, a one eyed peddler and a boy soldier, Thistle fights to save her world, even as she learns the strange truth about this far future earth.  A queen who must remain forever masked dreams of reviving ancient glories—and unspeakable weapons from the dawn time. But she is not what she seems, nor is the unforgettable girl known as Thistle.

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